Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Summer studentship opportunity

The British Society for Developmental Biology has advertised funded 8-week summer studentships in this link.

I would welcome applications from undergraduate students interested in starting work to identify mechanisms for branching in the lycophyte, Selaginella kraussiana.

Polar auxin transport is a key determinant of branch initiation and branch outgrowth in flowering plants such as Arabidopsis. Axial polar auxin transport is conserved between moss and vascular plant sporophytes, and transport via PIN proteins may have been involved in the innovation of sporophytic branching. However, links between polar auxin transport and branching remain to de demonstrated in seedless vascular plants. This project will use a combination of surgical and molecular approaches to identify such links.

If you are interested in coming to do the project in my lab, please get in touch by the end of february with a CV including the names of two referees, and an explaination of the reasons why you would like to come.

My e-mail address is